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Water Damage Services

When you face a water damage disaster, rely on Simi Valley Water Damage to save your property from total ruin! We work around the clock to keep our customers happy, and keep their home or business property’s in tact. We provide a myriad of water damage services, and only hire IICRC-certified technicians to get the job done right. Contact us at (805) 210-8060 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Water Damage Services:
• Cold Water Extraction
• Flood Damage Clean Up
• Mold Remediation
• In-place drying
• Sewage Damage Clean Up
• And many more!

With over 10 years of experience, we have gained the reputation of a strong, caring and skilled partner, with high-quality services and top experts. We were chosen for hundreds of water damage restoration jobs due to our:

• Immediate response: No matter if it’s midnight or weekend, someone will answer your phone the moment you call us. Moreover, within 30 minutes one of our skilled teams will be at your door, ready to handle your water disaster completely.

• Complete services: We are prepared and trained to perform a wide range of services, from cold water extraction to disaster cleaning, from fast drying to mold removal, reconstruction and repair activities and many more.

• All Insurances Accepted: We work with all insurance companies, so you won’t have to choose a certain one. In addition, we will discuss directly to your agent and fill in all the needed paperwork.

• Training and certifications: Due to the respect we pay to our clients, we train all our technicians according to the latest rules and regulations imposed by the IICRC regarding water damage restoration activities.

So, whenever you find yourself dealing with one of the following water disasters, just call us right away:

– Water heater leaking
– Wet Drywall
– Sewage Overflow
– Washer Leaking
– Leaking Water Heater
– Water Abatement
– Flooded Basement
– Refrigerator Leaking
– Leaking Toilet

By simply calling (805) 210-8060 you can do so much for your affected belongings! Once we step in, we will isolate the affected area and work hard on reducing all your damage and restore your property back to normal as soon as possible.