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Water Damage Insurance

Water damage claims are confusing and often specialized, but at Simi Valley Wate Damage we handle everything from detailing the claim, filing it and negotiating with your agent for the compensation you deserve. We’re here for you. We are your #1 partner in water damage insurance claims.

The first step to getting the compensation you deserve is documenting the damage. Take as many photographs as possible and attach them to your claim. We will locate the source of your water damage and note it in the claim if you cannot find it.

Second, we will take that claim to your provider, as we work with , and negotiate fair compensation. We won’t let your provider skimp on coverage. We believe in fair pricing for all, which is why we use Xactimate industry pricing tool to match standard prices.

We will then negotiate a fair price with you for the work done, and carry that over to your insurance provider to negotiate compensation from there. Rest assured, Garden Grove Water Damage has you covered!

Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (805) 210-8060 and get direct insurance billing for your water damage issues. No other company in the business provides a hassle free service like this. We provide this service, so you can focus on the water damage restoration of your property.