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Fire Damage Restoration

People who have been through a house fire experience, will tell you that it is nothing less than a narrow escape from death. It not only demolishes your house, but every single thing you took years to build. Your happiness, your family, your property and everything of sentimental value is left shattered because your worst nightmare came true. But here is the good part; the fire did not kill you. You survived it. You can regain all the material in the world if you have health and life. All you need to do is pull yourself together.

How Smoke Damage Affects Your Property?

● The layer of paint becomes void and loses its luster
● Exterior surfaces become sticky with soot
● Metal objects lose their shape
● Objects made of plastic melt and deform
● If the fire was lit in the structure of the house than wiring insulation must have gotten damaged.
● Unfinished metal surfaces corrode
● Deep fire can also damage plumbing work of the house

Introducing Simi Valley Fire Damage Restoration

There is nothing better than having a fire damage restoration in your city which is available 24/7. We are situated in Simi valley which is located in south east Ventura County in California. We provide all kind of fire and water damage solution for your house, office and/or apartment. We suggest you call the Simi valley fire damage restoration company because of its professional quality of work. We have a good reputation in fire damage restoration business so you can count on us for 100% results.

After a thorough inspection, we will clean your house and restore all damage in a process of three phases:

Fire Damage Pre Cleanup: This phase includes cleaning fire damage rubble and debris. It includes all burnt items that cannot be salvaged. A pickup truck will take all fire damaged items and dump them in to the city dumpster.

Fire Damage Clean Up: This is the second and the most crucial phase of the cleanup. It can take as many as 5 to 10 days depending on the magnitude of Fire damage. Soot and smoke that sticks to the surface of walls, floors and ceiling is cleaned by dry chemical sponges. Water is not used in the process because damage can get worse. Depending on the severity of the damage, the furniture is cleaned either in the warehouse (where it is stored till house restoration is completed) or cleaned and repaired in the house if fire damage severity is not so in a very bad condition. Similarly, carpets and upholsteries are first dried, cleaned and then sent to the cleaners for a professional wash. Proper techniques and machines are used for refinement in work.

Fire Damage Post Cleanup: This is the third and final phase of fire damage restoration process. The purpose of this is to eliminate any smoke odor or bacterial contamination. Foggers and ozone generators are used in this process. It’s not only the atmosphere that needs cleaning but also small objects in which the odor is embedded. The sanitation process is also important to prevent the growth of mold and fungi.

We have an excellent customer care service so if you have any questions regarding the company’s work or want to call us for fire damage emergency, dial (805) 210-8060 now.